Our energy control window films offer great opportunities for energy savings in air-conditioned buildings.

They can hugely improve your carbon footprint, especially where there are large areas of glazing. The film applied to the glass rejects up to 80% of the heat of the sun's rays before they enter the interior of the building.

The air conditioning load is consequently lightened and the film is doing its work from sunrise to sunset. It is a passive medium and does not depend on human intervention to pull down the blinds, or on complex automatic controls.

There is a large variety of different energy control films available, depending on the appearance the client requires.
The reflective range of window films is the original and most commonly used energy control film in worldwide and is very likely to be the film you need if you want to deal most effectively with both solar heat and glare.

Depending on the particular circumstances of your workspace, the film can be installed to either the inside face of the windows or to the outside face using an exterior weatherable version.

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