The sun's ultraviolet (UV) rays, over time, cause colours to fade, fabrics to deteriorate, wood to warp & crack, etc.

The damage to your curtains, carpets, floors, furniture, and artworks can never be reversed, but it can be considerably prevented ahead of time by installing UV control, anti-fade window films.

Window film has been recommended by dermatologists as a preventative measure for patients with solar sensitivity, skin related diseases, and cancers of the skin.

Standard UV Protection
All polyester window films contain UV absorbers and block 99% of these harmful UV rays (In technical terms this means up to 99% of the UV rays in the range 300 to 380 nanometers of the solar spectrum).

Enhanced UV Protection
Special museum-grade window films provide enhanced UV protection (in technical terms up to 400 nanometers and beyond).
These come in an optically clear film or with additional solar control properties.
Enhanced UV control properties are also required in healthcare applications for certain skin conditions.

Super Enhanced UV Protection
Special amber UV control film blocks out the blue portion of the spectrum present in natural and artificial light.
Certain photographic, pharmaceutical, laboratory, and manufacturing processes (such as circuit board assembly) are sensitive to this part of the spectrum.

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